Thursday, December 2, 2010

Common Symbols and Different Forms of Print

Let me show you the names for some of the common symbols that you will see in writing. They also show you how to describe types of printing, symbols from other languages.

Common symbols 

& amp; amp; ampersand. This symbol is read as 'and'
© copyright symbol
bullet point
✓ UK tick , US check
@ This symbol is read as 'at' and is used in email addresses.
" This symbol is read as 'ditto' and is used in a list to avoid writing a word if the same word is written immediately above it.
* asterisk
trademark symbol
® registered trademark
✗ cross


é e acute
è e grave
ô o circumflex
ä a umlaut
ñ n tilde
ç c cedilla

Different forms of print

underlined text
italic text
lower case
bold text
highlighted text

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