Saturday, February 19, 2011

Exercício: Simple Present

Complete the sentences in the Simple Present Tense. Use the verbs in the parentheses.

a) Paul.......with his parents in a country town in Goias.  (live)
b) He........ a lot of important information about the movie stars. (have)
c) My great grandfather........a pension. (get)
d) Mary.......English well but (know/hate)
e) Neymar..........goals when he's in good shape. (score)
f) My wife and I.......control of our lives due to bad habits. (lose)
g) My brother and college in the evening. (go)

Respostas do exercício:
a) Lives
b) Has
c) Gets
d) Knows/hate
e) Scores
f) Lose
g) Go

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