Monday, January 3, 2011

Extra Exercises

1. Circle the correct word: 
Camila: Hi! I’m Camila! What’s (your /you) name?
Bernardo: Hello, (your /my) name is Bernardo and I’m from Recife.
Camila: This is (my/I) father.
Bernardo: What’s (his/he) name?
Camila: (He’s /His) Tommy.

2. Complete the questions and answers with:

            HIS – HE – HER – SHE – IS

What is ____ name? ____ name is Alexandre Rodrigues._____ nickname is
Pato. ____ is a soccer player. ____ ____ 
21 years old. ____ is from Pato Branco. Ronaldinho is ____ friend.

What is ____ name? ____ name is Cameron Diaz. ____ is a singer. ____ ____ 38 years old. ____ is from California, USA. Robbie Williams is _____ friend.  

3. Complete the sentences below with A or AN and the appropriate occupation.
1. Barack Obama is a_politician.
2. Gisele Bundchen is ________.
3. Serena Williams is _________.
4. Brad Pitt is _______________.
5. Justin Timberlake is ________.
6. Kaká is ___________________.
4. Write complete answers the questions below according to the text: 

This is Katerine Brown. She was born on April 3, 1986. She is 27 years old. Katerine is an actress. She is from New York, in the USA. Her nickname is “Kate”. Her father’s name is John Brown. He is a police officer. Her mother’s name is Julia. Kate’s favorite color is black. Kate has two dogs and one cat.
1. What’s her name? _________________
2. How old is she? ___________________
3. Is she a singer? ___________________
4. Where is she from? __________________
5. What’s Katerine’s nickname? ___________
6. Is her father a doctor? ________________
7. What are her pets? ___________________

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