Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Longman Workshop with Teacher Jorge Teixeira

Hello, everyone.
Today, our English teachers had a wonderful contribution from Pearson/Longman. Teacher Jorge Teixeira skillfully introduced us to the world of technology applied to English language learning and teaching. I got so enthusiastic about his workshop. He showed us lots of teacher resource sites to improve our English classes. I hope all the teachers can engage in this project.

Here's some of the sites Jorge showed us. They're really cool and worth adding to your favorites sites.

Jorge Teixeira -

Thanks for visiting this page. You're always welcome.

Leônidas Zazelis

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  1. Hi Leonidas! Congratulations for your blog! It is certainly a very powerful tool both for teachers and students. We just need to make a correction on this website:

    it has been mistyped.

    and I would add one more:

    it's a fantastic online version of our best selling dictionary.

    Let's keep in touch!

    and by the way a great hooray for our FLAMENGO!


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